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Reclaim your time by automating estimates and scheduling.

Save time with instant estimates

Your customers live their lives in real time. They expect their service providers to respond the same way. Giving customers the ability to schedule their estimate instantly will save you time and increase your website’s performance.

Dynamic crew and equipment management

Managing crews and equipment is a pain. Fuera can track the availability of all of your resources to be sure they’re never double-booked. We can assign crews to jobs automatically based on skills and location, and even direct them to the next job through text messages or calendar integrations.

Pre-qualify jobs before you visit

Fuera’s interactive job builder allows your customers to specify their jobs and get an instant estimate or book the book the job on the spot. You’ll know the size of the job and the customer’s expectations will be set before you invest in a site visit.

“Fuera interactive job builder allows your potential customers to specify the landscaping project they would like performed. For the the first time homeowners can receive an estimate of costs, book an appointment or book work to be completed simultaneously. The landscaper is now confident in the qualification of the potential scope of work prior to any initial onsite evaluation. This saves both the client and business time on site evaluations and accuracy of project costs.”


Travis Tetrault, Hoosier Landscape Group

Take Control of Your Schedule Today

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