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Fuera is the ultimate automation tool for your landscaping business.

Showcase your specialties

You can easily customize the Fuera Job Builder to showcase your specialties. Whether it’s hardscapes, seed and sod, or plant beds, Fuera helps you steer website visitors directly to the jobs you want.

Easy Payments

Accept down payments instantly through the website and automatically collect balances when jobs are complete.

Prequalify & Manage Customers

Gather job info from website visitors to be sure their job is a good fit for your service. Manage customer contact info, payment histories, and track any other info you want with our customizable customer profiles.

Location Awareness

Easily assign estimators or crews based on the job location.

Mobile Booking

Our booking experience is designed for for both desktop and mobile use, so homeowners can book instantly from anywhere.

Robust Scheduling

Assign resources to jobs and shift the schedule when weather causes delays. Fuera makes it easy to keep your customers and crews in sync.